We formed our style by observing everything we like, exploring all the artistic areas.

We are inspired by all the beautiful things we see: fashion, furniture, breathtaking landscapes, design, books and perfumes, how light strikes faces and objects creating contrasts and shapes.

We are inspired by all the beautiful things that we feel: our grandmother who prepares breakfast, the smell of coffee, the messages of the mother before going to work, the looks of those who love us, trips in friendship, favorite music in the headphones.

We try to mix all our experiences and our taste to create a fresh and spontaneous photographic style but also fine and refined.

We love to shoot outdoors, in the nature using the best light that the day offers us, we adore the delicate colors. We will not ask you to pose but only to love and interact between you and your guests as you do in your everyday life, nothing more.


Our story begins from a friendship, we are in love with photography and beautiful things. We are different in character but with the same way of looking.
This project begins with the promise to collect images full of emotions and happy memories, full of people like us.
We are based in Piedmont but we love to travel and follow you everywhere, discover new places and live new adventures.



Our ideal customers are like us: couples of adventurous, curious people, artistic people who don't like the conventional, simple people.

If you are like us our pictures will speak about you... through our eyes.





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