Elopement Wedding . Langhe . Piedmont . Italy

A series of lucky events and signs of destiny have brought me to you.


We speak different languages but we understood each other right away. I want to see you every morning when I wake up, I want to have you with me at all times, I want to live with you every night. I have chosen you in my language and yours, in my country and in your country. I have chosen you in this world, forever.



Simone is Italian, he found his half in the fresh air of Germany. Cindy shone like a flower among the gray palaces of Berlin, a flower to be collected immediately. He took her to Italy with her whole family to tell herself the most important thing in their lives.


They prepared themselves among the walls of a castle, the ancient wallpapers made their beauty shine. The warm lights of that day were exciting.


It was wonderful to meet you and have the opportunity to document your love


Thank you

location: Castello di Coazzolo, Coazzolo, CN





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