Elopement Wedding . Maggiore Lake . Stresa . Piedmont . Italy

Life is crazy, unpredictable just like us. We must find someone who is similar to you in order to share existence.

Not always those people are close to us, sometimes you have to take a plane, sometimes change the city sometimes just open your eyes.

When you smile I smile with you, when you're sad I share your sadness to relieve you from the burdens, when you love I love you with you.

Alexandra and Daniel are very similar.

They both felt the need to go beyond the borders of their native land. Alexandra is Italian, she followed her heart with great courage and moved to London, where she worked and lived for years. Daniel is from New Zealand, for the same reasons as Alexandra moves to London.

Fate, when they met, they never left each other again.

How to combine all aspects of their cultures, traditions and landscapes in one place, one day?

Italy: home of Alexandra, the Maggiore lake: green water to remind the New Zealand seas. Everything is perfect to say their yes.

Thank you very much for choosing us.





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