Grew up among the pages of books of poetry and fairy tales of princesses and enchanted kingdoms, dreamer and romantic forever.

Educated at the European Institute of Design in Turin, graduated in photography.

After a short course in editorial graphics, she decided to expand her knowledge becoming, as well as photographer, also illustrator.

She loves pastel pink, animation films, animals and jasmine tea.


Love to Ilaria is such a serious thing she got it tattooed on her skin. for her is such a serious thing to tattoo on her.


Born in the joyful hills of the Langhe, a spirit that has always been free, curious of nature.

Educated at the European Institute of Design in Turin, professional photographer and graphics. Her ambition pushes her to London to attend a school of User experience.

Lover of adventures, Scandinavian furniture, colorful vegetables and warm lights.

Love to Letizia means art to be expressed, through emotions and creativity.





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